Smart mini is a portable power source which can be charged by Solar module& USB port having a rechargeable battery inside. It is also a multi-purpose USB device which can be a USB memory drive when it has a Micro SD card in the slot.It is so portable, that the consumers could charge any kinds of Mobile phoneand Digital electronics easily with the utmost convenience.
USB Memory drive : Depends on the M-SD card capacity (2GB~32GB, Should have a M-SD card in the slot) Easy to pull out adopting "Push-up" socket
Features Solar & USB charging / LED lamps / Power linker of Cell Phone from the USB port / USB Memory drive Micro SD/SDHC card reader / 25g, 27.6X73X13
Solar Cell 0.12watt, 5.0volt, 30 (1sun, 25 )
Internal Battery Li-polymer, 3.7volt, 350mA
Input Power USB-5.0volt, Solar-5.0volt
Output Power 4.2~5.0volt, Max 1.0A, DC3.5Φ connector (Depends on the Mobile Phone)
Continious Talking Time 90~100 Minutes (Depends on the Mobile Phone)
Standby Time Over 25~35 hours (Depends on the Mobile Phone)
  Should need an approoriate charging connector depends on a mobile phone or other electronics and charging function depends on the Smart mini model.
* Charging from USB port to the internal battery
* Full charging status
* Charging from Sunbeam to the internal battery
* Charging from the unit to a Cell phone
* Inserting a Micro SD card in the slot
LED Flash function is bright enough to search an object at night